What good is your Ecom Site if you Don’t Optimize for Mobile?

April 7, 2016

The Importance Of Mobile Friendly Websites

I am one of those people who prefer my desktop to using the Internet on a mobile. With that said, I am certainly in the minority. These days, it is hard to find people who do not use their mobile devices to get online. As a result, website owners must do all they can to make things far more accessible for these people. Having a website that is not mobile-friendly is like suicide for some businesses, especially if they are trying to target the younger demographic – millennials. Those are the ones that are constantly attached to electronic devices.

Have a look at the difference between the two, which would you do business with?

mobile responsive vs non responsive web design

If you have no idea how to design a mobile friendly website, you should start working on finding someone to help you right away. The longer you wait, the faster your competition will be able to swoop in and take all of your business from you. Instead of waiting around until it is too late, you need to be proactive and make strides toward a solid mobile experience for users. Again, if this is not something you know how to do, you should hire someone who is experienced enough that they will make your site shine.

I’ve actually used duda before to get a horribly looking website like the one on the right above to turn into something like that on the left. It’s a great and cheap option if you’re worried about losing business. And you should be! Rather have someone handle it for you? Go ahead and get in touch with me to see if we might work together.

Welcoming Case Study

April 1, 2016

I helped knife company's web application and shipping processes to streamlineI don’t like to brag. But I want to tell you about a project I was brought in on recently for a company that was selling knives over the internet. They wanted to brand themselves as the most “heat resistant” knives, ok, that’s fine. They did a great job of that but they had a hard time trying to do everything in house from development of their website to the assembly of the knives to the delivery, call center, shipping fulfillment. Everything was a total mess and it was starting to cost them in lost revenue than what they thought it would save them by keeping everything in house. Why lost revenue? Glad you asked.

Revenue loss due to poor systems

They were getting calls for returns, new orders and service. All the calls were being taken by the same two people in their call room, who were, ahem… less than “go getters.”

They were also trying to ship out over 40 packages a day from their small warehouse, which was also the same space where assembly happened. This was causing a massive cluster of people running all over a very messy warehouse that was overcrowded, unhappy and kind of stinky. And hot, mostly because the servers were also in the warehouse, crazy right? The IT guys were tripping over bubble wrap when they wanted to work on the servers, this was not ideal.

I came in there and helped them get their IT offsite, fix their web applications that helped visitors decide which knives they needed, upgraded their shopping cart, sped up their website and outsourced their fulfillment with a company I work with and trust. And they’ve now even outsourced their call center. The number of people on site went from 24 to 7 almost overnight. Was this mean of me to help them downsize? Not unless you consider that they’d be out of business by now. They had very high turnover anyways.

What they have accomplished in just under a year is a 3x increase in overall revenue along with increasing their margins by almost 30 per cent. That’s a big deal, just by fixing their systems. If this sounds like you, we should talk. Why not apply for a project and let’s see if I can help you.